• Let’s stick together against coronavirus

Let’s stick together against coronavirus

Let’s stick together to show we care!

In these times of hardship, let’s stick together, show support for our health workers, help vulnerable people and generally make sure that those in need understand that they are not alone! 

Your help may come in a lot of different ways – from offering a fruit basket to helping vulnerable people with their groceries. Even the smallest gesture can make a big difference for those who need it the most.

And let’s encourage others to do the same. Take a photo and upload it to our SFM Facebook account to help share goodness.

My evening last night, as well as trying to console a teething baby, was packing up many handmade chocolates for mother’s day, but also some as a surprise for friends who are NHS doctors! ~Holly J

We all believe in random acts of kindness. This basket of fresh fruits was delivered by our MD to a local GP surgery to thank all the staff for their commitment against COVID-19. Without their help we wound not cope!

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