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Calcium Alginate Wound Dressings – Still Relevant Forty Years On!
SFM has been producing alginate products since the early 1980’s and still to this day alginates are an important product for our...
Third CE Mark for SFM this Spring!
March-April 2021 - CE Mark and 510k portfolio grow at SFM! SFM received its third CE mark this year! Two CE marks...
Honey, nature’s golden treasure
By Eliana Bazac You think you knew it all about ‘Honey’? Think again. Nature’s golden treasure keeps on giving. You have it...
Control your inner lizard
By Marta Tranter, SFM, HR Manager, June 2020 Human brain Did you know that our brain only represents a small proportion of...
The immune system, your personal bodyguard
By Eliana Bazac We all think we know what the immune system is. The term is actually self-explanatory and it has most...
Homeworking – trick or treat?
By Marta Tranter, SFM, HR Manager, July 2020 Homeworking – a treat or a constraint? And how to cope? Working from home...
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SFM Cafe launched 2020


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Covid screens fitted 2020

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Silver Calcium Alginate