Our products

Our products are manufactured in the UK, with a range of CE Marked and FDA cleared products.   We can support our customers regulatory and development requirements in house.

Available in roll form, cut pieces, packed and sterile. A sustainable fabric, with high absorbency and tencel. Available in various sizes and GSM.

For an easy one step removal, one of the strongest reinforced Alginate fabric in our portfolio. 510K cleared. Available in various sizes and GSM.

As part of our Alginates range, SFM offers antibacterial options for both the standard Alginates and reinforced products. Available in various sizes and GSM.

Our carboxymethyl cellulose and cellulose Ethyl Sulfonate products provide high absorbency, superior wet and dry tensile strength, to promote healing in a moist environment. Available in various sizes, sterile and non-sterile, various GSM available. CE marked.

SFM have established proprietary technology in the development of cellulose fibres with AgNPs, which are used to form highly absorbent, antibacterial wound dressings. Contact us for more details. 

Micropake® is an X-ray detectable yarn. Manufactured in a range of linear densities to suit customer specifications. Soft and flexible in nature, coupled with good tensile strength.