In the UK since 1932
Long established expertise fibres manufacturing for the advanced wound care market.
Since 1932
From alginate fibres fabric to modified cellulose fabric for the advanced wound care market.
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Since 1932 in gelling fibres technology
Supporting clients from concept development to market launch for the last 88 years.

Today, SFM is a global leading business to business manufacturer of gelling fibres and dressings for the advanced wound care market.

SFM is a leading B2B supplier of gelling fibres and fabrics for advanced wound care dressings. We take pride in our corporate history and hold innovation, quality and sustainability at the centre of all that we do.

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Working in close collaboration with customers, SFM will continue to provide expertise in emergent fibre and non-woven fabric and yarn based technologies.

SFM Timeline from 1904 to date

SFM from 1904-1984
1904 – Courtaulds aquired the Cross and Bevan patents.
1905 – First factory set up in UK.
1909 – Courtaulds entered the market of cellulosics (viscose and acetate) in North America with the setting up of the American Viscose Corporation (AVC) in 1909. In Europe Courtaulds expanded its cellulosics business both directly and in joint ventures, including British Cellophane.
SFM from 1904-1984
1985 – Focus Polymers founded by Courtaulds Research.
1986 – First commercial sale of Micropake.
1989 – The company received a Queen’s Award for Technology for Alginate.
2005 – Acordis Speciality Fibres was acquired by Lohmann & Rauscher and renamed Speciality Fibres and Materials.
2009 – 510(k) clearance granted for silver alginates.
2015 – Introduction of latest range of gelling fibres and CE mark granted for sterile cellulose based wound dressings.
2016 to date
2016 to date
2016-2018 Development of silver nanotechnology (Titan)
Aug 2019 - 510k Silver Reinforced Alginates
2016 to date

About our company!

Speciality Fibres and Materials Limited is a specialist gelling fibres and x-ray detectable yarn manufacturer to the advanced wound care sector

Our Vision, Mission and values

Leading innovation, driving excellence, improving lives.

R&D Expertise

R&D expertise from product concept to market launch. Learn about our latest antibacterial technology.


CE marked and FDA cleared products. Class 8 clean room facilities with own testing laboratories.

Our products

Our product portfolio is home to developments such as x-ray detectable yarns, calcium alginate dressings, reinforced calcium alginate dressings, modified cellulose dressings and their antibacterial equivalents.

Available in roll form, cut pieces, packed and sterile. A sustainable fabric, with high absorbency and tencel. Available in various sizes and GSM.

For an easy one step removal, one of the strongest reinforced Alginate fabric in our portfolio. 510K cleared. Available in various sizes and GSM.

As part of our Alginates range, SFM offers antibacterial options for both the standard Alginates and reinforced products. Available in various sizes and GSM.

Our carboxymethyl cellulose and cellulose Ethyl Sulfonate products provide high absorbency, superior wet and dry tensile strength, to promote healing in a moist environment. Available in various sizes, sterile and non-sterile, various GSM available. CE marked.

SFM have established proprietary technology in the development of cellulose fibres with AgNPs, which are used to form highly absorbent, antibacterial wound dressings. Contact us for more details. 

Micropake® is an X-ray detectable yarn. Manufactured in a range of linear densities to suit customer specifications. Soft and flexible in nature, coupled with good tensile strength.


Manufacturing since 1904


Own Quality Control Laboratories


Long Established Know How

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Silver Nanotechnology

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Silver Calcium Alginate