SFM Vision
SFM leading Innovation,
Driving Excellence,
Improving Lives.

Our Values


SFM work together in ways that proactively seek to solve challenges and encourage one another and celebrate our own achievements in addition to those of our customers and suppliers. Respect each other, maintain a healthy workplace, provide opportunities to develop, be accountable, learn.

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We create new products which provide benefit to patients and customers whilst striving to find new and better ways to create new materials and carry out new and existing processes that make lasting and far-reaching changes in the marketplace. We will meaningfully improve patients’ lives.





This is how we define agility at SFM. Approach all tasks and endeavors with a positive mindset, offering solutions, working together to achieve the best possible outcomes for our customers, partners, patients, and colleagues across our business.


Reliable and trustworthy relationships, reliability and trust in our processes and products, trust and respect for every SFM colleague. Trust in providing processes that are sustainable and designed to protect the environment.

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Our belief is that the best products and the best companies are those that match specifications and exceed expectations. This is why we focus on quality and compliance to ensure that we are able to keep on delighting our customers and enhancing the recovery of the patients we serve. Safety, Quality, and Efficiency are integral in everything we do. We look to continuously comply and improve Safety and Quality whilst striving for greater efficiency in all processes.

SFM will successfully deliver innovative, cost-effective, and quality products and solutions into the industry with the ultimate aim of improving patient care and wellbeing.


Manufacturing since 1904


Own Quality Control Laboratories


Long Established Know How

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Silver Nanotechnology

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Silver Calcium Alginate

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